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Plurro Launches in New York; Lets New Yorkers Recreate ‘Black Friday’ Any Time, Anywhere


Plurro today introduced a completely new way for people to connect with the brands they love; both large and small –- Cash Mobs. Through the Plurro app (available on Apple devices, with Android coming soon), people can unlock the power of the crowd physically around them to create real-time discounts that get larger as more people come to the Cash Mob.

How Plurro Works:

  •     Plurro enables consumers to choose a business they want to go to (anything from apparel to dining), and when they want to go.
  •     Cash Mobs, which can be started by anyone, are groups of people (friends, colleagues, neighbors, family or even strangers) that go to the business around the same time.
  •     Once a Cash Mob is started Plurro broadcasts it in real-time to other individuals in the immediate vicinity, so the Cash Mob can grow in size.
  •     The more people who attend a Cash Mob, the greater discount everyone receives (ranging from 20 percent to 50 percent).
  •     Any business, big or small, can participate in a Cash Mob, from a sandwich shop to a car dealership.

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