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Cyber startup RedOwl Analytics named most innovative company at major tech conference


Baltimore cyber security firm RedOwl Analytics Inc. took on peers from Silicon Valley, Israel and the East Coast — and won.

Founded in 2011, RedOwl was named the most innovative company in the U.S. at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in February. Around 200,000 people attend the annual tech conference.

The award gives the 23-person Federal Hill startup the recognition it needs to foster growth in the company, said Renny McPherson, co-founder and vice president for strategy and business development at RedOwl.

“The win gives us legitimacy that with our early clients having signed on already, plus the win gives us incredible momentum into our target markets,” he said.

RedOwl compiles all the data on a company’s internal servers, runs it through its software and then gives out information about the data that can give company executives a better idea of what they need to be cautious about.

Without the win, RedOwl would be reliant on doing its own outreach, McPherson said. But just weeks after the announcement, people are looking for RedOwl.

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