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Hybrid Bikes Charge Into D.C.

Recent graduate Jeff Stefanis (MSB ’13) is revolutionizing the way Washington residents get around their city by introducing Riide, a company that that will sell moderately priced electric bikes that double as bicycles.

“We saw an opportunity, and we decided to make our own electric bike, specifically designed for young urban commuters, as a quicker and less expensive way to get around the cities,” Stefanis said. “What we’re really excited about our bike is that it’s a relatively light bike that maintains the traditional feeling of riding a bicycle.”

The startup will begin fundraising on Kickstarter next week. The page will provide a description of the bike and Riide’sgoals.

Stefanis drew inspiration for Riidecofounded with The George Washington University graduate Amber Wason, after witnessing the proliferation of electric bikes in China.

The electric bike, priced at $1,799, can travel up to 20 miles per hour thanks to a four-pound battery located inside the frame of the bike. The battery lasts about 20 to 25 miles per charge and can be charged at any wall socket in about two to three hours.

Stefanis plans to cater to the District but has hopes to integrate with the Georgetown community, as Georgetown and the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative have been assets to Stefanis and Riide’s conception.

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