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nPulse Acquired by FireEye


nPulse Technologies, Crozet’s spunky contender in the world of cyber security, has been acquired by San Jose, California-based FireEye, a leading international cyber security firm.

“We got absorbed,” said nPulse founder Randy Caldejon. “We’ve proved the business model. It’s a technology acquisition.” He said all the company’s current employees will remain in Crozet.

“FireEye is a billion-dollar company,” said Caldejon. “They are considered small. But they are an up-and-coming company. They take a next-generation approach to cyber security. We’ve taken a similar approach, so it’s a cultural match. They’re like us, a very agile and forward-looking company. Everybody at FireEye has been very welcoming. There’s a great synergy with them.

“This is part of their big strategy. One of those goals is network forensics. They want to be able to detect, react and contain [cyber attacks]. They also acquired Mandiant, out of Alexandria. They are premier thinkers on cyber security. Mandiant does react and contain. Our box helps them react. It’s like the flight data recorder.”

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