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Eighteen Area Start-Ups Tapped to Take TechBUZZ Stage at Capital Connection 2013


Early-Stage Showcase to Anchor Sessions Highlighting Various Stages of Tech Growth

MAVA will showcase 18 innovative start-up companies at its Capital Connection 2013 conference, celebrating some of the hottest ideas and emerging technologies the East Coast has to offer. These TechBUZZ companies will present their go-to-market plans to other company founders, seasoned executives, entrepreneurs and investors as part of the larger Capital Connection 2013 which takes place June 5-6 at the Mead Center for American Theater (Home to Arena Stage) in Washington, DC.

Capital Connection™ will feature a wide range of technology sectors, reflecting the variety of deep expertise and sector diversity in the greater Mid-Atlantic region. The agenda for the 1 ½ day conference for high growth companies also will include presentations from more than a dozen growth and later stage companies on the Main Stage and additional networking opportunities throughout the program.
“This slate of TechBUZZ presenters is representative of a much larger and incredibly robust pool of strong companies bringing innovative products to the commercial market,” said Julia Spicer, Executive Director of MAVA. “Their work in hot sectors such as data analytics, health IT, cybersecurity and others is very impressive and will surely spark larger conversations at this ‘big tent’ tech gathering.”

This upcoming TechBUZZ program will showcase the following emerging companies:  

  • Arcametrics Systems, Inc. is an advertisement targeting company that uses data patterns to connect anonymous transaction or privacy-restricted data to known consumers.
  • Betterific, Inc. allows consumers to suggest ways to make products and brands better through their market-research platform.
  • Citelighter, Inc. is a research and organizational tool intended to improve the writing process for students, while providing analytics information for instructors closely monitoring their students’ critical thinking and writing habits.
  • CollegeAppz gives high school students an online step-by-step guide through the U.S. college admissions process, including sections on scholarships, SAT/ACT prep and financial aid.
  • Contraqer is a web-based procurement management system that automates the entire process from RFQ generation all the way to packing list, support contract, and RMA management.
  • CourseMaven transforms the higher education landscape, offering students a course marketplace (‘Amazon for courses’) and an articulation engine to normalize any two pieces of educational content.
  • iGrabber revolutionizes the car search process, allowing customers to search for their perfect vehicle on one consolidated site.
  • InGo provides a new platform for event hosts to attract the appropriate contacts, facilitate follow up meetings and use analytics to measure an event’s value.
  • Mhelpdesk, a mobile/Internet software company, is an all-in-one solution that manages work orders, technicians, scheduling, billing and more.
  • Mobile System 7 offers the financial services industry and government a revolutionary way to secure sensitive data and enforce corporate policies across deployed mobile devices.
  • Optensity is a software product company specializing in the development of applications and big data processing within a cloud computing environment through their AppSymphony™ platform.
  • PayRight Health Solutions, LLC provides solutions to help physicians improve out-of-pocket collections from their patients, while improving the traditional paper billing process and overall satisfaction.
  • Plurro has developed a Cash Mob product to revolutionize the group shopping experience, providing customers with huge savings at their favorite local businesses.
  • Red Owl Analytics uses inferential algorithms, social networking theory and clear visualizations to provide solutions for risk, governance, and compliance in the work environment.
  • Riskive provides a cloud-based security platform to help enterprise and consumer applications conduct real-time security analysis and blocking within social networks.
  • Secure Exchange Solutions, Inc. uses an IT framework to manage, classify, protect and control valuable digital content and data, enabling collaboration across multiple enterprises.
  • Trak enables millions of unbanked consumers and those without credit cards to have a level playing field in the new electronic mobile payment revolution.
  • WiFiName, Inc. is building the first global registry of wireless names, enabling WiFi device owners to share content, communicate important information and promote a product with other users.

To add an interactive twist to TechBUZZ, each of these 18 start-ups will compete for “Best of the BUZZ” based on real-time audience feedback gathered through the “Capital Connection Mobile” app to be launched at this year’s conference. Those companies with the strongest presentations and business models will be recognized at the closing reception.

Piloted in 2010 in Baltimore, TechBUZZ was launched in May 2011 by MAVA to bring together the key players in start-up growth and facilitate the development of start-up concepts and prototypes to market entry. In 2013, MAVA will host three TechBUZZ events to provide a platform to showcase and support the vibrant startup and seed stage activity in the market.

A non-profit member-owned organization with deep roots in the technology community, MAVA brings together company-builders from across the country and at every stage of development, and provides a trusted public showcase to promote these enterprises, from promising start-ups to publicly-traded success stories. TechBUZZ in particular offers a public platform for community partners and their companies and helps shape a supportive ecosystem for the earliest of regional start-ups.