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MITRE Unveils Open Source Software to Secure Mobile Devices


MITRE Corp. has unveiled new open source software that works to protect data stored in mobile devices and helps organizations develop security applications.

MITRE built the secure virtual mobile platform to allow customers to store sensitive data in a cloud platform, as well as collaborate with the open source community to secure smartphones running on Android operating system, MITRE said June 20. David Keppler, SVMP project leader, said MITRE aims for the open source platform to enable organizations to develop their own apps in a secure environment.

The SVMP enables mobile device users to access enterprise data and applications from a corporate intranet. Security applications that build on SVMP will also help enterprises unify mobile devices with their information technology infrastructures, MITRE said. MITRE intends for the SVMP open-sourcing initiative to scale, customize, build add-ons and identify errors in the software.

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