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newBrandAnalytics Launches Social Communities


newBrandAnalytics (nBA), the social intelligence expert for service organizations, announced today that it has launched two new social communities to provide marketers and operators in the hospitality and food and beverage industries with tips, advice and best practices for maximizing social engagement. The communities will also enable participants to engage in dialogue with peers and influencers through the platform’s commenting feature as well as regular Twitter chats.

Members of the social communities will benefit from expert insight on some of the service industry’s hottest topics, such as how to handle negative online reviews, how to maximize the return on your social media investment, and how to get deeper insights from guest feedback.

In addition, the “Hotel Social” community will explore industry-specific topics such as how a hotel’s food and beverage offerings can impact its social media reviews, and ways to inspire, train and motivate staff with social intelligence. “Restaurant Social” topics include how to mitigate business risk by using social media to gauge reactions to new concepts, and how to leverage online feedback to spot potential problems outside of the physical restaurant location.

“newBrandAnalytics’ unique social intelligence insight puts us at the crossroads between business operations and the consumer experience,” said CEO Kristin Muhlner. “This position gives us the rare advantage of knowing not only how to impact customers in a specific business or industry, but also seeing what drives consumer engagement across a wide range of markets, geographies and demographics.”

“We feel we have both an opportunity and an obligation to use this knowledge to support, inform and inspire business leaders,” Muhlner continued. “By launching these social communities, we’re helping restaurant and hotel organizations be smarter, savvier and more innovative with social intelligence in ways that benefit both their guests and their bottom lines.”

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