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Cloud application suite from Booker helps small companies book more business


Summary: Booker (formerly known as GramercyOne) helps its customers manage more than 1 million appointments on a monthly basis.

The bane of my existing is keeping my calendar, mainly because I never leave enough time for actually writing the blog entries that develop out of most of my interviews. Naturally, I am always intrigued by resources that could make managing this process much simpler--not just for me personally but for anyone who is kind enough to read what I write.

That's what intrigued me about Booker, a cloud-hosted application that started life in 2007 as an appointment-booking tool for the spa industry, part of SpaFinder. Backed with $14 million in venture financing, the company has since blossomed beyond that first vertical--and purpose--to become a much broader business-development platform for small-services businesses.

As of last count, Booker is now processing about 1 million appointment requests for its customers on a monthly basis. It has grown beyond that into marketing and sales development functions. Last year, it facilitated about $1 billion in transactions and helped manage 15 million customer records, according to a recent company press release.

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