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CIT GAP Funds Invests in Brazen Careerist


The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) announced today a $100,000 investment in McLean, Va.-based Brazen Careerist. Brazen Careerist is an online career resource that combines virtual recruiting events with online education and training to help young professionals discover their strengths, refine their skills and find their ideal job.

Brazen Careerist serves as a bridge between employers and young professional job seekers. Employers use the Company’s virtual event platform to host virtual career fairs and open houses online. Job seekers attend virtual recruiting events from the comfort of their homes or offices and engage directly with recruiters, hiring managers and future co-workers. Brazen Careerist also surveys employers to determine skill sets that are in high demand and develops online courses around these skills. These online courses are then offered to job seekers, arming them with marketable skills.

CIT President and CEO Pete Jobse said, “CIT supports Brazen Careerist’s innovative recruiting software and online learning platform. This essential resource adds another tool to the ever-changing workforce development needs of the new economy.”

Ed Barrientos, Brazen Careerist President and CEO, said, “Today's young professionals are making real-time, genuine connections online every day. Our unique online platform allows them to make those same connections with employers nationwide, and helps them advance their careers by learning high-demand skills that will make them more marketable and competitive in today's job market.

Tom Weithman, CIT Vice President and CIT GAP Funds Managing Director, said, “Brazen Careerist caters to the online recruiting market, but also the online learning sector. With our investment, Brazen Careerist will be able to provide more educational opportunities to young professionals and boost technology development.”

Since its 2005 launch, CIT GAP Funds has placed over 60 investments across the Commonwealth, deploying more than $5M of public funds and attracting over $10 dollars of private funding for every $1 of public money invested. (For a list of portfolio companies, please visit the GAP Funds website.)