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Bethesda-based e-tail platform is hiring after $5m Series A round


Spree Commerce, a Bethesda-based B2B platform for e-tailers that provides both storefront and back-end services, is hiring to fill at least five positions. The openings come as the company has recently announced a partnership with domain-name giant GoDaddy and closed a successful $5m Series A funding round, which was led by Thrive Capital.

"We're looking for a VP of marketing," says Sean Schofield, CEO of Spree Commerce, "as well as some in-house sales [support]. We're also hiring Ruby developers."

provides two different products for its customers. Its first offering was open-source software for developers to create storefronts for ecommerce outfits to sell products. But, as Schofield explains, "as companies grow, they experience a whole set of challenges with third-party, back-end systems such as accounting, fulfillment and inventory management." Spree created a commerce Hub to integrate a customer's storefront—whether it is Spree-built or not--with its back-end systems.

Schofield says that typically, the company works with large enterprise customers. The partnership with GoDaddy, which will offer the technology to its small-business clients, represents a new direction for

"We're working with very small customers," says Schofield. "[The partnership] speaks to the capabilities of [our] technology. This is a big vote of confidence for us. Our technology just keeps getting better."

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