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AtTask Garners $38 million Funding Round


AtTask said Tuesday morning that JMI Equity has led a $38 million, Series D round of funding for AtTask. The company will invest the proceeds into doubling down its sales and marketing efforts, building new products, expanding internationally, and shopping for acquisition targets to add to what's mostly been organic-driven growth.

"We're excited to have JMI Equity on board," AtTask CEO Eric Morgan told TheStreet. "They've guided other companies to greater success as well, and I think that that experience will be helpful for us. We're very happy to have them on board."

Now $38 million richer, the injection bolsters AtTask to a valuation that Morgan says he's "very happy with."

"With our growth profile and the way JMI invests, they're not value investors," Morgan pointed out. "In other words, they weren't looking to get in at a low price. They were looking for companies that have been successful, that are willing to pay a fair valuation."

AtTask's overall seed funding now totals $65 million in capital, with the latest round coming in substantially higher than the $17 million, Series C round obtained 18 months ago.

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