When: April 23, 2013  1-7pm
Where: Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club
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What's the BUZZ (from last year's presenters)?
"We came to TechBUZZ 2012 with just an idea, some slides, and a prototype, and within 9 months we'd hired a full team of 16 people, received $1.5m in seed funding, and fully launched our product.  Zoomdata is getting great press and traction in the market, and we're looking to accelerate the business even further by raising an A-round of funding soon!"

Justin Langseth, CEO,
(March 6, 2013)

"MAVA's TechBuzz is clearly the premier event of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic. The connections and feedback we received from the investor community has been difference making for our company. Every startup in the region should make a point to apply to this event."

John Bracken, CEO,
(June 1, 2012)

"Presenting at TechBuzz was an amazing experience for Cont3nt.com, it put us in touch with hundreds of investors and strategic partners, and significantly raised our profile in the startup community. Random people have walked up to me at Starbucks and said - 'You're that guy with the great company - I saw you at TechBuzz! We should chat.' I highly recommend it to all entrepreneurs."
Anton Gelman, CEO,
(June 1, 2012)

Why attend TechBUZZ?
  • Meet early-stage investors
  • Raise your company's profile
  • Network with VC for future fundraising
  • Improve your pitch to investors
  • Hear about the latest new ideas, technologies and business models
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Make valuable tech sector business connections
Who attends TechBUZZ?
  • Angel investors
  • VC investors
  • Seasoned professional advisors from the startup ecosystems
  • Company Builders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs…. You!
What is TechBUZZ?

Over the past few years, the Mid-Atlantic region has emerged as the birthplace of some of the hottest ideas, game-changing innovations and applications of cutting-edge technologies in the United States. Whether these ideas are developed by design or by trial and error, they are being invented, created and developed in our area.

TechBUZZ was launched in May 2011 as a half-day conference preceding Capital Connection in response to the growing impact start-ups and seed-stage companies are having in recent years on the investment ecosystem overall. MAVA is dedicated to continuing to foster and celebrate this vital area of our membership by bringing together investors and entrepreneurs in a dynamic and meaningful format.

TechBUZZ shines a well-deserved light on the visionary innovators and company-builders in our region who are actively developing their concepts, testing their beta or prototype products and services and pursuing a path toward market entry.

"Real-Time" Feedback from CEO/Investor Panels

Investor Panelists for TechBUZZ Spring 2013 Include: 

Grant Allen, ABB Technology Ventures
Tom Weithman, CIT GAP Funds
Joe Payne, Eloqua
Hemang Gadhia, Founder & Angel
Tom Cox, Gannett
Julia Taxin, Grotech Ventures
Gloria Jacobovitz, JHU Applied Physics Lab
James Keeratisakdawong, MD Venture Fund
Wayne Jackson, Sonatype
Jason Shrensky, Uber Offices

  • Applications will be accepted until COB April 1st
  • It's free (and easy) to "throw your hat in the ring" - investor review guaranteed
  • Selected companies will be announced the week of April 14th
  • Extraordinary visibility & market launch for all presenters - this could be your Big Break!