About MAVA

The Mid-Atlantic Venture Association represents the full spectrum of private equity and venture capital firms with investment interests in the mid-Atlantic and beyond, entrepreneurs, and their strategic partners.

Membership includes:

  • More than 500 venture capital professionals representing nearly 100 firms with collectively more than $90 billion in capital under management
  • Advisors and professionals from banking, accounting, law, financial, executive search, real estate, and business and consulting practices
  • Experienced entrepreneurs and up-and-coming CXOs
  • International and local development agencies, universities and federal laboratories

MAVA provides a wide range of programs, information and forums designed to stimulate revenue and company growth, facilitate quality deal flow, encourage collaboration, and foster relationships among entrepreneurs, investors, strategic partners and customers. Programming includes:

  • Capital ConnectionTM, one of the nation’s premier investor and business conferences, brings together senior players – investors, advisors and entrepreneurs. The conference typically hosts more than 800 attendees who all share the same objective – building and investing in promising early-through-expansion and high-growth/later-stage companies. The event features company presentations as well as topical panels, programming for CXOs and entrepreneurs, and a limited partner panel.
  • TechBUZZ shines a well-deserved light on the visionary innovators and company-builders in our region who are actively developing their concepts, testing their beta or prototype products and services and pursuing a path toward market entry.
  • Year-round special interest programs:
    • CEOConnect for entrepreneurs
    • Vanguard series featuring special programs on CEO best practices, software, life sciences and early-stage technologies from regional universities
    • Young Investment Professionals programs
    • Networking and special events