Brazen raises $4.7 million from Osage Venture Partners

Brazen, the enterprise-focused chat platform originally known as Brazen Careerist, raised $4.7 million in venture funding led by Philadelphia-based Osage Venture Partners.

The Arlington company’s raise comes at a good moment for the “chat” industry — the space is currently filling up with big-name startups, most notably Slack, another enterprise-focused platform that’s currently valued at close to $2.8 billion.

“Enterprise” might not perfectly sum up the company’s clientele, however, as it’s essentially focused on any organization that needs to connect people for official purposes — universities use it for alumni-student events, for example, while businesses use it for recruitment and marketing purposes.

The company would not disclose its revenue, but currently boasts about 150 paying clients, which includes universities and larger companies like American Express, Gannett and Raytheon.

The startup doesn’t necessarily host “chat rooms” though — it might be described as a combination of event hosting and speed dating. Universities and businesses use the platform to host meetup-style events at designated times, which then pair people up for timed one-on-one conversations.