CIT GAP Funds invests in PhosImmune

The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) announced this week that it closed an investment in PhosImmune, a Charlottesville-based clinical-stage biotechnology company developing therapeutic cancer vaccines.

PhosImmune controls a library of unique, aberrantly phosphorylated tumor antigens (PTAs) that are directly implicated in metastasis, meeting a pressing need for high quality tumor antigens for use in new and more effective cancer vaccines. PhosImmune’s PTAs are superior to conventional tumor antigens because they are derived from proteins associated with the process that drives cancer, and they target multiple forms of cancer, including leukemia, melanoma, and breast cancer. The Company’s lead candidate, PxM-01, is currently in Phase I testing to treat melanoma.  This technologystemmed from research at the University of Virginia.

CIT President and CEO Pete Jobse said, “The team at PhosImmune has developed PTAs that meet an important need in cancer treatment and will enable a variety of targeted immunotherapy approaches. Innovative solutions like this one are what we look for in making CIT GAP Funds investments.”

PhosImmune President Donald Hunt said, “We will use the investment from CIT GAP Funds to expand and continue our current trials, and to develop an additional PTA-based immunotherapy.”

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