Cybersecurity firm HackSurfer pulls in $3.5M from investors

Glenelg-based cybersecurity company HackSurfer has added $3.5 million to its coffers.

The firm’s latest founding round, which was led by Boulder Ventures and District-based CNF Investments, is scheduled to be announced Tuesday morning.

Founded in 2012 by Rebekah and Jason Polancich, HackSurfer collects, stores and analyzes information about cyber attacks from various database, online, social media and proprietary sources.

The firm’s software then helps companies to determine which cybersecurity threats are most likely to target their business, whether the business is susceptible to those threats and how to combat potential attacks.

“Businesses today aren’t facing a single attacker; they are fighting a well-organized, well-funded army of cyber criminals that collaborate and innovate to exploit vulnerabilities from every angle,” founder and chief architect Jason Polancich said in a news release.

CNF Investments