Geostellar Raises $1 Million Crowdfunding on Return on Change

Online Solar Marketplace Geostellar Raises $1 Million Equity Crowdfunding Over Three Months.

Geostellar, a leading online solar rooftop marketplace,  has closed a $1 million round of equity crowdfunding.  The company listed their offering with Return on Change, an online investment platform. The funding round was raised over a three month period.  Described as the “KAYAK of solar rooftop installations”, Geostellar has positioned their company to aid homeowners in securing the best deals on solar rooftop panels by comparing and tailoring a variety of installation and financing plans. The majority of the capital raised will be used to further develop Geostellar’s platform to facilitate interactions between solar sales agents and homeowners, and an API for integration with third-party Web sites and mobile tools.

“Return on Change was particularly helpful in finding the right investors for us. They had all the information in front of them, and pushing the ‘Invest’ button was a simple way to express their interest in participating. It was easy for me to update the site, rather than circulating new documents…Raising capital online since the JOBS Act makes it much easier to spread the word, get potential investors engaged and provide information,” the CEO of Geostellar, David Levine stated.

Howard Teich, an investor of Geostellar commented on the process,

“The ease of Return on Change’s investment program allowed me to invest in one of the most important companies on the planet [Geostellar]. Without Return on Change I would not have been able to show up and take action to participate…”