La Lumiere Closes $20 Million Series B Financing

NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Start-up skincare company La Lumiere, LLC, creator of the innovative illuMask®, the world’s first wearable light therapy mask, announced today that it has secured a $20 million Series B financing.  The investment included Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC), the venture capital subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, joining SWaN & Legend Venture Partners as institutional investors in the company.  The Series B investment is a culmination of efforts over the last 12 months to drive commercialization in the U.S and continued growth.

La Lumiere was founded on bringing innovations to the market for at-home beauty treatments.  As a leader in an emerging field of wearable light therapy devices, La Lumiere has two products currently on the market: one for anti-aging and the other for anti-acne.  “This was an attractive investment for us because of the incredible growth in the market for at-home beauty treatments.  La Lumiere is the leader in an emerging field and the only wearable light therapy device with strong intellectual property”, said Todd Klein, CIO of Swan and Legend.  La Lumiere estimates the market is currently worth $800 million and is expected to reach several billion dollars over the coming decade. Additionally, LED therapy is clinically proven to dramatically improve the quality of life of its users, and La Lumiere’s illuMask® makes it more accessible to consumers across the country.

“This funding will help our technologies to reach exponentially more people,” said Jay Tapper, Founder and CEO of La Lumiere, LLC and the illuMask® brand. “We’re confident in the market potential, La Lumiere’s intellectual property and our numerous competitive advantages.”

Swan and Legend