MAVA Member Harbert Venture Partners Co-Leads Round in Envera Health

Health systems grappling with the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape can turn to a new partner: Envera Health. Founded by CEO Dan Neuwirth, a long-time healthcare technology entrepreneur and executive, and backed by $14 million raised from investors, Envera Health has a portfolio of capabilities and services that optimize engagement for healthcare providers and patients, empowering providers to deliver better care.

With experienced executives from healthcare technology, hospital and medical group management organizations, Envera Health understands the complexity and rapid change that healthcare provider organizations face.

“Envera Health has an incredible opportunity to transform the broken healthcare ecosystem by making better engagement in health possible,” says Neuwirth, CEO of Envera Health. “We empower healthcare providers through a platform designed to optimize both clinical and financial performance, while improving the care delivery experience for both patients and care givers.”

Harbert Venture Partners (HVP) and Noro-Moseley Partners (NMP) are the lead equity sponsors in Envera Health’s latest round of financing, joining New Richmond Ventures as investors. “We look for companies with experienced leadership and established positions in high-growth markets, and Envera Health strongly meets both of those criteria,” said Brian Carney, partner at HVP. “We are excited to work with Envera’s management team in executing on this great opportunity.”


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