MidCap Financial, Silicon Valley Bank Provide $58MM Facility to EndoChoice

EndoChoice Holdings has completed the refinancing of its outstanding debt and closed on a new $58 million senior secured credit facility with Midcap Financial and Silicon Valley Bank.  The new facility consists of a $43 million term loan and a $15 million revolving line of credit.  In addition to increasing the overall size of EndoChoice’s borrowing availability, the new facility lowers the cost of the company’s debt and conserves cash during the first three years.

“This financing, along with the proceeds from our recent IPO, strengthens our cash position and secures the availability of capital resources into 2019 as we drive the ongoing global commercial launch of Fuse® and expand our platform of GI products and services,” said David N. Gill, Chief Financial Officer of EndoChoice. “We also see this new facility as a positive, non-dilutive way to lower our overall cost of capital. We are pleased to partner with MidCap Financial and Silicon Valley Bank and thank them for their confidence in our business.”

The facility has a term of 60 months with interest-only payments during the first 30 months.  The interest rate on the term loan is fixed at 9.5% while borrowings under the revolving line of credit will bear interest at Libor plus 5.25%.  In connection with the payoff of the previous facility, a charge of approximately $2.3 million will be recorded in the second quarter of 2015 for prepayment fees and end of term fees, as well as the write-off of deferred financing costs and debt discounts.

Silicon Valley Bank