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The Premier Pitch Event for the East Coast

300+ Alumni, $570M+ in post event funding, and you!

TechBUZZ is the area’s premier event where early-stage entrepreneurs and active investors come together to see the best and brightest, to connect with one another, and to celebrate the strength of the startup scene in our region. The program will be fast-paced & interactive and the networking top rate. A diverse and experienced cross-section of Early Stage Investors, VCs, and experienced CEOs will provide valuable feedback in response to the TechBUZZ presentations. Whether on the stage or in the audience, innovative Company Builders and active Investors won’t want to miss this action-packed afternoon.

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A Rich History

TechBUZZ was launched in May 2011 as a half-day conference preceding Capital Connection in response to the growing impact start-ups and seed-stage companies are having in recent years on the investment ecosystem overall. MAVA is dedicated to continuing to foster and celebrate this vital area of our membership by bringing together investors and entrepreneurs in a dynamic and meaningful format. See what the BUZZ is about, click here to watch select TechBUZZ presentations now!

With a foundation of more than 300 alumni companies, TechBUZZ is industry approved and widely respected as one of the most sought after start-up pitch stages on the East Coast.

300 Startups And Counting

Companies have Presented on the TechBUZZ Stage since 2011
Capital Invested in TechBUZZ Companies since 2011
TechBUZZ Co’s funded 1 year post presentation (as of 2Q14)

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Growing Great Companies One Venture At A Time

Over the past few years, the Mid-Atlantic region has emerged as the birthplace of some of the hottest ideas, game-changing innovations and applications of cutting-edge technologies in the United States. Whether these ideas are developed by design or by trial and error, they are being invented, created and developed in our area. TechBUZZ is powered by the organization that has been at the forefront of startups for more than 25 years, The Mid-Atlantic Venture Association. MAVA has reinvented the industry’s view of how to connect startups with the capital they need for a new generation of entrepreneur.

Active Investor Insights

Investors from the following companies have served on recent TechBUZZ commentary panels

Blue Venture Investors

Boulder Ventures

Camber Creek

CIT Gap Funds

Core Capital Partners

Dingman Center Angels

Genecast Ventures

Harbert Growth Partners


Inner Loop Capital

Kiddar Capital

Kinetic Ventures

Maryland Venture Fund


New Atlantic Ventures

New Markets Venture Partners

Osage Ventures

Paladin Capital Group

Route 66 Ventures

TDF Ventures


Alumni In The News
“This experience has elevated my investor pitch to a new level. The people who run TechBUZZ and the coaches that help you create a compelling pitch are incredibly knowledge and helpful throughout the entire process. This experience has elevated my investor pitch to a new level. I would highly recommend TechBUZZ to anyone who wants to raise funding for their startup or emerging company.”
Nick Perdikis, CEO, Devensoft
“TechBUZZ shines a bright light on entrepreneurs who step on to the big stage…..the process, the connections and the visibility are all valuable!”
Deepak Swamy, Founder & CEO, Business Radar
“”An open and highly educational experience. TechBUZZ is structured in a way where it forces entrepreneurs to think about their product from the perspective of many differing levels of understanding and thereby simplifying their message and business model.”
Matthew Carroll, CEO, Immuta
“When it’s your first time raising money, the process can get overwhelming. TechBUZZ Georgetown gave us the perfect stage to get started and get our name out there. The quality of the crowd is one of the best, if not the best, I’ve seen at a pitch event, and many investors we met at the event eventually funded us.”
James Li, CEO, , Encore

TechBUZZ Alumni companies cross the span of industries and are among some of today’s best startups, including:

RedOwlSummer 2013
Baltimore, MD
CanvasSpring 2011
Reston, VA
STAQSummer 2014
Baltimore, MD
ThreatQuotientSummer 2014
Reston, VA
ZeroFOXSummer 2013
Baltimore, MD
ParkMyCloudSpring 2015
Dulles, VA

TechBUZZ is industry approved and widely respected as one of the most sought after start-up pitch stages on the east coast.

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