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The Vanguard Roundtable events are closed-door, roundtable discussions designed to provide a forum for MAVA members to engage in peer-to-peer discussion around selected business topics of shared interest. This approach provides in-depth content, offering our members the opportunity for a more concentrated sector-specific study and discussion on any given topic. 

Responding to investor member interests and leveraging key topics of interest identified over the past year, we look forward to hosting a continuing series of these unique programs on a sector-focused track.

Historically, Vanguard Roundtable discussion topics have included the following:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare IT
  • Data Analytics
  • Software Technologies and Trends
  • Life Sciences – Biotech Investing
  • Best Practices for CEOs
  • CIO Planning
  • Effectively Using your Board of Directors
  • Private Equity M&A Exit Strategies
  • Trends in Mobility
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Enterprise Strategies for Online Video

The size and scope of each proposed Vanguard Roundtable discussion is determined based upon the topic and nature of the sessions. Roundtable-style workshops are designed to allow members and guests to participate in small group discussions that provide enhanced learning not available in larger forums.

MAVA Vanguard workshops also include larger group events, designed to provide content offered by subject matter experts who may command a different venue in order to address a broader audience. These larger events have featured speakers such as Alan Greenspan and Carly Fiorina.