Cloverpop nabs $1.8 mln seed

San Francisco, October 6, 2015—Cloverpop today announced that it has raised $1.8M in seed funding from True Ventures, TDF Ventures and private investors. Cloverpop speeds decisions, increases buy-in and delivers better business results. The new, easy to use online decision tool brings the proven but hard to adopt benefits of behavioral economics into action for real-life business teams in a non-scary, no PhD-required way.

“The Cloverpop team is building a compelling solution that goes beyond the traditional focus on enterprise data by putting cutting-edge behavioral economic insights into practice. It’s a game-changer for 21st century business teams,” said Steve Mankoff, General Partner, TDF Ventures. “We are confident that Cloverpop will make all business decisions as clear and impactful as our decision to back this innovative company.”

Cloverpop allows teams to make great decisions while saving 10 hours of discussion and making decisions 10 days faster. The new online solution quickly guides managers and teams through a collaborative process designed to apply best practices to every business decision. For more information, read today’s news about Cloverpop’s preview release and joint research with Stanford University.