ZeroFOX (TechBUZZ ’13 Summer) Wins 2014 CRTC Rising Star Award

Baltimore, MD, April 10, 2014 –(– ZeroFOX, a cyber security firm specializing in Social Risk Management, was named the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council’s Rising Star for 2014. The prestigious honor is bestowed annually to the highest achieving technology company located within the Chesapeake region. Award recipients are recognized for innovation, cutting-edge technology, fast growth, and strength of their teams.

Founded in January 2013, ZeroFOX has already made significant strides in the cyber arena given its unique positioning. The company is the only firm focused on the intersection between cyber security and social media, helping combat the increasing amount of cyber attacks leveraging social media targeting both commercial and government organizations. A Baltimore, Maryland based company, ZeroFOX places great importance on creating local jobs in an effort to ensure that the center of next-generation cyber solutions remains squarely located in Maryland.

“ZeroFOX is honored to have been recognized by the CRTC as one of the most innovative leaders in our industry and region,” said CEO James C. Foster. “Maryland is our home and we are committed to continued innovation in cyber defense for the United States, her allies, citizens and corporations.”